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Thread: Favourite Movie

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    Favourite Movie

    Here is a little calculation to help you find your true self based on your favourite movie , mine was Terminator, give it a go it really works...

    Okay pick a number from 1 - 9

    multiply it by 3

    add 3

    then multiply by 3 again

    then add the two digits together and then your film is the one which number you have

    1 . Gone With The Wind
    2. Back To The Future
    3. Jaws
    4. Star Wars
    5. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
    6. Terminator
    7. The Sound Of Music
    8. Predator
    9. Gay Boys In Leather Taking It Up The Poo Tube Vol .2
    10. Saving Private Ryan
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    Re: Favourite Movie

    Hi guys,My favorite movie is Black Panther is very nice,i saw so many times i like this movie thank u
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    Re: Favourite Movie

    for now i think black panther but looking forward to watch the infinity war this 2018

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