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I know this is the channel for really thick cxxts who know nothing but pretend they know everything.....but.....the reason they don’t disqualify immediately is because they have to ascertain when the drug in question was introduced, and if it was post race ( swabbing box, lab, or biotransformation ) the horse doesn’t lose the race...you thick fucking idiots.
Go check Planet Rock in the Karaka Million, positive to ketoprofen, judged to be post race contamination in the swabbing box ( Houston, we have a problem ) so it didn’t lose the stake or placing.
Fuckwits you all are.
You need to calm down little man. Many don’t like your tone? How’s restaurant going, gee you have scoobs sucked in, now he is your long lost mate now that you want free hq advertising? Seems it might be struggling a little?