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    Ruakaka drug bust

    Very sad case This of 2 long term employees of Logan's...DQ'd for 10 months but getting help through the new RIU Sally Army programme

    Apparently offered a synthetic cannibis cigarette that was laced with meth...

    ...The cousin of the male...thanks cousin...for nothing

    But the astonishing fact is that this is the first time in 22 years that drug testing has been carried out at this course!!


    Just how slack is that?

    Perhaps the RIU are too ensconced in their Ellerslie HQ to know that Northland has become riddled with drugs, particularly meth...

    ...and catching someone with certain drugs in Their system is very hard considering the short withholding times that meth has...

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    Re: Ruakaka drug bust

    Not as riddled as Matamata ...

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    Re: Ruakaka drug bust

    Ya think?

    Maybe they saw the latest scientific research...where the Feds get out to the cess pools...

    ...took a few samples of what the locals have been doing at the latest parties...mdma, da gunja, da white marching powder, da white

    ...turns out Whangas has about 6 times higher use of da white than Auckland

    ...and here's me thinking the high degree of confidence up there was due to Winnie...

    ...that'll be a good warning if youre driving up there to the Turf meets da surf...

    ...any wild weird antics...eyes sticking out like dogs getting very friendly with sheep

    ...avoid at all costs...

    so good intell by the RIU by the looks...they waited 22 years until the water supply results came out and went straight to the track may sound hopeless but look at all the money they saved on testing for da nothing!

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